At the June meeting, Neil Stringer and Kathy James, UFA 2017. received their Urban Forestry Advisor certificates from President Paul B. and Membership Chair, Judi S.

Q. Will planting flowers and bulbs in a tree pit seriously harm a city street tree?

L.Green Ash Fruit

R. White Ash Fruit

Family Plot producer Peter Richards receives the 2017 TUFC Media award from Joellen Dimond.

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Volunteers from our chapter have helped the Memphis Tree Board take a survey of the Parkways for Memphis City Beautiful's Plant the Parkways Project

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How do I know if I have an ash tree?

above:  Honeybees harvest pollen from  stamens of a Southern Magnolia bloom

Support our dwindling population of pollinators & other Insects---LEAVE THE LEAVES

A. Probably not, at least after the tree's first few years. By then, the tree should be getting its water not just from the small area of soil within the sidewalk cut but also from its spreading root system...

left: TUFC Board Member Joellen Dimond presents the 2017 TUFC  Forestry Award for Citizen Activist to UFA Member Eartha Reaves.


Learn more about Crape Myrtle Bark Scale

From the NY Times  Companions for City Trees advice from the New York and  Brooklyn Botanic Garden

UFA members helped the  SHELBY & Hardeman COUNTY 4-H -- identify trees for the Orion Hill Arboretum in Arlington, TN 


Jim Volgas points out the the  included bark on co-dominant branches, Included bark signals

weak attachment that is prone to separate.

The White Ash Tree like the one above  is threatened. -L.  compound leaf  - information below on the Emerald Ash Borer.

Polllinators Depend on Native Trees for Survival

Look for early signs of Crapemyrtle Bark Scale on area trees 


Early ( above ) and late stage pupa of the beneficial twice stabbed lady beetle

Spring Azure photo: New Hampshire Insects & wildlife

Volunteer for Trees:  2018 

Urban Forestry Advisor classes start September 5 at Memphis Botanic Garden. -The class is full.

Bark splits are one of the signs of EAB.

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The twice stabbed lady beetle, the natural predator for Crape Myrtle bark Scale, is in the Memphis area.

Plant a Redbud in  December to late February. It's early spring blooms provide nectar for the

Brown elfin
Dreamy duskywing
Dusky azure
Eastern pine elfin
Gray hairstreak
Juniper hairstreak
Juvenal’s duskywing
Silvery blue
Sleepy duskywing
Spring azure - in photo
Zebra swallowtail

Find out, from the Audubon Society,  on which trees you are likely to find  Red-bellied Woodpecker. 


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J. Castillo

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Founded in 2004 as a regional chapter of the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council,  the West Tennessee Chapter  supports TUFC's  mission  in

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Avoid ivy, which drinks a lot of water, climbs and strangles the tree, and shelters rodents.

The top inch of soil around the smaller plants should be gently loosened, but deep cultivation should be avoided, so that the tree roots are not harmed. Most important, the soil level should not be raised to pamper the undergrowth.

When too much soil is piled up, the air and oxygen are pressed out, starving the tree roots. Moist soil can also make the bark rot, leaving it vulnerable to diseases and pests.

North  American Ash Trees are Facing  Extinction. The Emerald Ash Borer is now in Middle Tennessee & Southern Arkansas. How can YOU KEEP IT FROM SPREADING  ?   USE ONLY LOCAL FIREWOOD.