Below: October  Under the Oaks Tour Led by  Linnea & Bo

2019 OPPORTUNITIES to Earn Volunteer hours
contact volunteer coordinator : J. Castillo to volunteer
                                                 send volunteer hours to Judi Shellabarger                                                       Remember, you can count meetings & lecture  attendance  for volunteer hours.

  • educational booth:LIchterman Nature Center’s Birds and Seeds: Seed Swap  to be held on  Saturday January 26 -10- 2:00.

  • Wolf River Conservancy’s Annual Tree Planting :Saturday February 16, 2019 at the Lucius Birch State Natural Area from 10:00- 1:00.  Our volunteers serve as team leaders .

  • Last week of February-- be on call to package and label TN  Arbor Day Seedlings at Memphis Botanic Garden Hort. Bldg. when seedlings are delivered

  • March 29-Friday & 3.30 Saturday, 2019. 9a.m. - 5p.m. MAMG SPRING FLING 2019. Educational Booth 

  • Saturday April 6. 9-4  Tipton County: Meet Me in the Garden:  Educational Booth

With Neighborhood Preservation INC  on Decatur St.

L.Green Ash Fruit

R. White Ash Fruit


How do I know if I have an ash tree?

North  American Ash Trees are Facing  Extinction. The Emerald Ash Borer is now in Middle Tennessee & Southern Arkansas. How can YOU KEEP IT FROM SPREADING  ?   USE ONLY LOCAL FIREWOOD.

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J. Castillo

At the Spanish Am  War Park we removed privet and discovered another  cunning invasive ---

The Princess Tree -- See the Invasive Alert

Volunteers plant trees at Elmwood  to increase the tree species at Carlisle S. Paige Arboretum.

Regular  2019  meeting:    Visitors Welcome

Thursday    February  21 --12 noon      MBG    -    Memphis Botanic Garden Brown Bag        12 noon  -The Original Natchez Trace Trail, Then and Now. Join Scott Woods, Certified Arborist and owner of Timberline Tree and Lawn Care Company and current President of the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council.   Chapter meeting at 1:00.

The Brown Bag Education session is free to Chapter members & MBG members.

or $8.00 for seniors and $10.00 for adults                                                       

The White Ash Tree like the one above  is threatened. -L.  compound leaf  - information below on the Emerald Ash Borer.

Look for early signs of Crapemyrtle Bark Scale on area trees 


President Paul Buchignani presents the Past President's gift to Beth Rowlett ( below)

Bark splits are one of the signs of EAB.

Support our dwindling population of pollinators & other Insects---LEAVE THE LEAVES


Paul awards class of 2017 members their UFA certification


Despite the rain, our booth had many visitors at the 2018  Zoo Harvest  Fest .

  • The Princess Tree:  A Beautiful but Wicked                           Threat to Forest Health

Don’t be fooled by the attractive purple flowers and the large heart shaped leaves. This fast growing thug steals water, nutrients & sunlight from native trees which support our balanced ecosystem.                                                                                              The Princess Tree

  • Sends out 20 million seeds each year from a single tree --- can also reproduce from root sprouts
  • Can grow almost anywhere--- even a crack in a wall or sidewalk or rocky cliff
  • Grows about 15’ per year
  • Can be confused with Catalpa
  • Is still  sold-- sale is outlawed in CT, but it is still promoted by some nurseries and garden associations      More info-                                   

Fight for Our Pollinators-- Remove Privet --- see link on  "Removing Invasive Plants Make a Difference."

---- pull out sprouts. cut the tree  down to the soil line, girdle large trees--  with an axe :cut a  6” deep circle around the trunk  base

Volunteers helped remove privet and mulch trees  for the 9-11 Day of Service at the Spanish American War Park sponsored by Cooper Young

Learn more about Crape Myrtle Bark Scale


click the link to learn more how privet can be successfully challenged 


Re-register every January --$upport our chapter: Get your Kroger card & sign up for the  2017  Kroger Community Awards Program  (must re-enroll each year

Enter organization’s number 95352,  or   WTUFC

Early ( above ) and late stage pupa of the beneficial twice stabbed lady beetle 

Volunteers Plant Trees and  Promote Healthy Urban Forest for  the Martin Luther King Day of Service

 Join WTC:TUFC & TUFC  for 2019

  • Pay on link below-- $50.00 to TUFC: $10.00 returned for chapter dues:
  • If you have paid  $10.00  to  treasurer Wes Hopper  for local dues--- mail a  $40.00 check for TUFC dues  to
  • TUFC  P.O Box 58443 Nashville, TN 37205

              West Tennessee Chapter: Tennessee Urban Forestry Council

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about the chapter,  TN Arboretum establishment,  how to become a Tree Sanctuary,, Historical & Landmark Trees , chapter bylaws &  etc.


E. Reaves organized a Tree Giveaway  for Glenview Neighborhood. Trees were donated from the Wolf River Conservancy &  the Memphis Tree Board and planted by volunteers  from our chapter .

The twice stabbed lady beetle, the natural predator for Crape Myrtle bark Scale, is in the Memphis area.

Tree Diseases

UFA members helped the  SHELBY & Hardeman COUNTY 4-H -- identify trees for the Orion Hill Arboretum in Arlington, TN 

2018 Volunteer Appreciation Certificates were presented  at the October & December  Meetings

Founded in 2004 as a regional chapter of the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council,  the West Tennessee Chapter  supports TUFC's  mission  in

  promoting healthy and sustainable urban and community forests in Tennessee.